Four action in one product

IndicationsBody liposculpture
ActivesCaffeine, Coumarin, Hamamelis, L-Carnitine, Mannitol, Rutin, Silicon, Taurine
ResultsReducing cellulits origin
1 box contain10 Vial of 5 ml

Cellulite is primarily a problem with microcirculation that causes damage to the fat tissue under the skin that affects 80%-95% of women and 5% of men. The alternating weakening of fatty and fibrous connective tissue presents itself visually in the shape of lumps and dimples, commonly known as ‘orange peel’
Females have their subcutaneous fat structured in small chambers separated by vertical walls of tissue (above). The whole framework is irrigated by a complex vascular system of arterioles and capillaries responsible for circulation and drainage.

The failure of this microcirculation system results in leakage of liquid into the surrounding tissue. This liquid retention in the interstitial spaces also affects adipocytes which start manufacturing excess triglycerides and grow in size, becoming trapped in the connective network.
The cosmetic result of this, is an uneven distribution of fat and damaged tissue which modifies the appearance of the skin, provoking the well known lumpy “orange peel” skin. Connective tissue, including collagen and elastin, becomes increasingly damaged, eventually scarring, causing many aesthetic defects.
Presentation: the box contains n.10 sterile vials with 5.0mL e.a.

Easycell benefits

Easycell benefits