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warning ВНИМАНИЕ !!!

Мы призываем вас НЕ ПОКУПАТЬ наш продукт OVERAGE у таких компаний из России , как : Esteticstore / BV-Prof Belle Ville / Overcosmo / Laser Technology / Nv Velding / Azelux (Ufa) / Kuzyakina and the Company Krasnoyarsk и Украины :Premium KLLC так как они продают ПОДДЕЛКУ и следовательно это может быть ОПАСНО ДЛЯ ЗДОРОВЬЯ !

مشتری گرامی، ما اطلاع شما که ما هیچ نمایندگی فروش در ایران اس بنابراین همه بطور متوسط در بازار ایران می تقلبی، از کیفیت مشکوک و نه منشاء ما است.

Mesotech has stopped the production, commercialization and sales about Pr-Factor
La Mesotech comunica alla spettabile clientela che ha cessato la produzione, commercializzazione e vendita del peeling Pr-Factor

Since 1920 the know-how, experience and creativity in the manufacture of compression garments and corsetry. Accuracy in the details, tissue quality, technical performance in line with the growing surgical requirements. Overplast successfully finalizes all types of surgeries: facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, otoplasty.
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Our Company Mesotech, is an italian pharmaceutical laboratory with more than 20 years of experience in the research, development, innovation, manufacturing and distribution of sterile Medical Device, aesthetic and skin care solutions for beauty and medical institutes. Development of new products from original ideas to deep research. Original formulations where unique ingredients are selected to…

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Non-animal origin and biodegradable viscoelastic Hyaluronic acid gel for injectable use.
Ophthalmic dermatologic and grade. Overage helps to preserve the vitality and softness of your face.
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Exclusive formula for several indications ready to use.

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Medical Devices

Injectable Ophtalmic and dermatologic Hyaluronic Acid.

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Advanced Technologies for aesthetic medicine and surgery.

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Italian textile quality and style for aesthetic surgery.

Warnings: Pursuant to the New Ministry of Health Guidelines of 28/03/2013 regarding the advertising of medical devices, in vitro diagnostic-medical devices and medical-surgical aids, the user is hereby advised that the information contained herein is intended exclusively for industry professionals.

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