Advanced Protocols

Wide range of Advanced Usage Protocols developed to meet the specific needs of your skin. Each kit is sufficient for 10 treatments.
Chemical Peelings

Exclusive formulas in ready-to-use concentrated and single-ingredient cocktails designed to transform your skin, giving it youth, luminosity and health
Compression girdles

Post-Surgical compression girdles for all types of surgeries: facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, otoplasty

Professional cosmetics formulated for reduce the signs of aging, strengthening and bringing moisture to the skin of the face
Dermal Fillers

Thanks to our advanced formulation, the range of Dermal Fillers offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each individual
Dermapen Meso Cocktail

Advanced transdermal formulas that offer an effective and practical approach to treating a variety of medical and aesthetic conditions
FIR infrared technology

Nilit Innergy is the innovative yarn offering several benefits for a slimmer and smoother body silhouette
Flexible needle cannula

Our state-of-the-art professional flexible needle cannulae are designed to maximize accuracy and convenience in injection procedures

Our mesotherapy guns offer precision, control and effective results, elevating your treatment experience to new heights

Exclusive formula for several indications with different meso-cocktail ready to use. No waste of product: the product is in single use vials or ampoules.

Our needling products are ergonomic and cutting-edge, designed for maximum comfort and superior results
Professional needles

A variety of lengths and gauges, they cater to diverse treatment needs, from facial rejuvenation to cellulite reductio
PRP Kits

Our PRP category offers a selection of innovative and reliable products, designed for professionals in the cosmetic and medical sectors