Our Laboratory

Mesotech supplies innovative and responsive products to the highest quality standards thanks to the combination of resources and the company philosophy that recognizes the “culture of quality” as an integral part of the production process. In Mesotech laboratory there are innovative compounding, filling and packaging lines. All stages of production are subjected to quality control according to standard ISO9001, ISO13485, adhering to the most recent guidelines on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). before, during and after production, all products are subjected to numerous control tests to ensure that all formulations always match their technical specifications, in order to guarantee their quality and performance.

Finally, in Mesotech laboratory there is a unit with more than 30 sewing machines, for garments and corsetry tailoring in compliance with the MDR 745/2017. The selection of the raw materials, the process of quality control and the know-how of the staff ensure the best compression range for the specific need and use of each “handmade” medical device.

Filling & Packaging

The entire packaging area is climate controlled with PVC tiled floor and walls and furnished with AISI304 steel counters. The equipment of Mesotech laboratory includes:

  • Semi-automatic fillers for both liquids and viscous liquids
  • Automatic hot air tube closers for PE and AL tubes with effective production of 1,200 tubes per hour
  • Manual closer for aluminium tube
  • Inkjet markers arranged on semi-automatic lines
  • Automatic labeller for both circular and front/back sections
  • Manual labeller for circular sections
  • Manual punching machine for batch number
  • Heat shrinking machines