Our Laboratory

We formulating and producing modern and effective cosmetics and medical devices with high standards of quality, safety and respect for the environment. Cleansing preparations, skin care, hair care, toiletries and fragrances; for all distribution channels: Large Scale Retailers, Pharmacy, Perfumery, Professional Cosmetics for Aestheticians, Herbalist, Hairdressers and Selective Niche Markets. We offer our customers complete service: identification and positioning of the new products in the markets, supporting them in achieving their success.

From pack research to the creation and launch of a product, we are able to guarantee a full service. We develop high quality formulas with the latest in active ingredients. To support an increasingly “green philosophy” oriented market demand, we manufacture products with the most sustainable processes, natural ingredients and actives and that are more sustainable.

To satisfy consumers who are increasingly demanding, we are particularly attentive to the news and new trends.

Our specialization in the cosmetics industry allows us to create a wide selection of products from the amazing “wow effect”, not yet on the market, rich in active generation with highly sensory textures that blend science and creativity. Upon completion of each project are awarded a technical dossier with all specifications and documents for registration on foreign markets.

Quality is a constant commitment, confirmed by the choices that characterize the entire production process from the initial phases.

The quality control laboratory conducts analysis throughout the entire production process: from raw materials to semi-finished products, all the way to the finished product. The purpose is to guarantee a high product quality level through attentive monitoring of the chemical-physical and microbiological parameters.

This goal is achieved both through monitoring of the process documentation (analysis certificates, technical safety data sheets for the raw materials, processing sheets, etc.) and through instrumental analysis.

Filling & Packaging

The entire packaging area is climate controlled with PVC tiled floor and walls and furnished with AISI304 steel counters.

The equipment we have includes:

  • semi-automatic fillers for both liquids and viscous liquids
  • automatic hot air tube closers for PE and AL tubes with effective production of 1,200 tubes per hour
  • manual closer for aluminium tube
  • inkjet markers arranged on semi-automatic lines
  • automatic labeller for both circular and front/back sections
  • manual labeller for circular sections
  • manual punching machine for batch number
  • heat shrinking machines
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