Dermatological treatment to reduce localized fat deposits on the double chin and cheeks

IndicationsFace liposculpture
ActivesCaffeine, Coumarin, Hamamelis, L-Carnitine, Mannitol, Rutin, Silicon, Taurine
ResultsFace reshaping
1 box contain20 Ampoules of base solution of 2 ml + 2 Vial Activator of 5 ml

Celluphase is a meso-cocktail whose formula has been based on the basic premise of understanding correctly the face’s localized adiposity and “orange peel” problems.
Facial adiposity is a process where multiple factors intervene which are statistically associated with its presence and predispose towards its appearance: endocrine, enzymatic, psychosomatic, genetic, dietetic, mechanical and vascular.

Two Base Solution Ampoules with 1mL of Activator Celluphase per session beginning with one per week for 4 to 6 weeks. Continue with fortnightly sessions, ending with a monthly application.

Contains five individually clinically proven actives at increased concentrations, where other treatments only contain one;
Remodels and re-firms face;
Accelerates natural subcutaneous fat diminishment mechanisms;
Smooths and tightens the skin;
Reduces the ‘orange peel’ effect by improving microcirculation;
Celluphase has a Firming Effect on the skin, which when measured by ballistometry, showed a 9.5% decrease in indentation in the skin and a 27.5% decrease in skin flaccidity reduces Double Chin by up to 80%.

Celluphase before and after

Celluphase before and after