The real alternative to botulinum toxin

ActivesAvena Sativa, Esa, HA, Octapeptide, Penta
ResultsBotulinum like
1 box contain1 Vial of 10 ml

Botophase is a restructuring and firming facial treatment designed to act from the deep skin stratums in order to recover the good appearance of the skin.

This gene encodes a member of the epidermal growth factor superfamily. The encoded protein is synthesized as a large precursor molecule that is proteolytically cleaved to generate the 53-amino acid epidermal growth factor peptide. This protein acts a potent mitogenic factor that plays an important role in the growth, proliferation and differentiation of numerous cell types. This protein acts by binding the high affinity cell surface receptor, epidermal growth factor receptor. Defects in this gene are the cause of hypomagnesemia type 4. Dysregulation of this gene has been associated with the growth and progression of certain cancers. Alternate splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Rita Levi-Montalcini and Stanley Cohen were awarded the Nobel Prize for their research on Growth Factors.

Ferulic acid
It reduces oxidative stress and formation of thymine dimers in skin.
ferulic acid can inhibit melanin production in the process of skin whitening.

It is mostly known for its role as an electron and proton carrier in aerobic cellular respiration and its function as a powerful antioxidant. Accumulating evidence suggest, however, that this well studied membrane component could have several other important functions in living cells. The current study reports on a previously undocumented ability of ubiquinone-10 to modulate the mechanical strength and permeability of lipid membranes.

Sodium DNA
The DNA is a polynucleotide, main component of chromosomes, which structure is the one of a double chain macromolecule build up in a dextrorotary spiral.
From total vegetal origin, it is extracted from gramineous plants through careful processes of purification that keep intact its native constitution. The sodium DNA is a non irritating substance and is a strong superficial moisturizer.

The DNA has a trophic action on the skin and seems to modify the cellules of the basal layer of the epiderm. Its therapeutic effects increase in proportion to the size of the DNA chain, as high polymerisation makes the product more active and improves tissue penetration. It has been observed that DNA has the power to reconstruct the connective tissue by stimulating the scarring processes.

Suggestion: for improved results, could be used with devices that increase penetration into the dermis, such as Electroporation, Ultrasound, Meso-Roller and Meso-Pen.

Formula based on a complex of high concentrations Growth Factors with contributing poly-revitalizing ingredients such as Sodium DNA, Ferulic Acid, Ubiquinone, Lecithin, Phytosterol and fatty acids leading to the proliferation of stem cells, by regenerating damaged skin tissues such as aging or wrinkles. Sodium DNA plays a main role in stimulating cell repairl.