Overage Face Lifting Set

Total treatment 3 products with lifting and firming cosmetic lifting effect for wrinkles and anti-ging

ResultsComplete anti-aging treatment
EfficacyClinically tested
1 box contain1 Overage Face Lifting of 30 ml + 1 Overage Cleanser of 100 ml + 1 Overage Eyes of 15 ml

Overage Face Lifting is a treatment with a cosmetic lifting effect that gives the skin of the face freshness, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and signs of age. A product with a lifting and firming action to be applied on the face, and in particular on the oval, on which it is able to act on the redefinition and lifting of the face. Choose the box if you want more hydration, an immediate lifting effect or if you want to boost the action of your face cream.

Box contains: