Overage Eyes

Gel treatment for the eye contour

Gel treatment for the eye contour, formulated with functional substances known for their vaso-protective, decongestant, anti-ageing and moisturising action. Specifically formulated for the periocular area to attenuate bags, wrinkles and expression lines. Its progressive action is proportional to the time of use.

– Wrinkles and bags around the eyes

Active ingredients
Low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid: Highly hydrophilic molecule which, thanks to its chemical structure, is able to bind numerous water molecules. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates the deepest layers of the epidermis, giving the skin greater firmness, elasticity and intense hydration. It alleviates the phenomena of superficial dryness and skin dehydration.

Albizia Julibrissin (silk tree) and darutoside extract: protects, strengthens and improves the dermis properties. By consolidating the fragile microvascular network and stimulating the detoxifying system, it reduces capillary leakages and accumulation of glycotoxic pigments responsible for uneven coloration and fatigue appearance, giving a lifting effect on sagging upper eyelids.

Mix of actives: developed to visibly reduce dark circles and puffy eyes containing purified natural soy, rice peptides, biotechnologically manufactured superoxide dismutase blend.

Nannochloropsis Oculata extract and Pullulan: Purified extract of algae of the genus Nannochloropsis combined by biotechnology with a polysaccharide fraction (Pullulan), provides a protective, restructuring, lifting and toning action. Also has a stimulating effect on fibroblasts in the endogenous collagen production.

Glycolic acid: contributes to cell renewal of the skin, promoting radiance, elasticity and hydration.

How to use
Apply to the eye area and massage gently in circular movements from the inside to the outside. Finally, massage in with fingertips to promote absorption of the active ingredients. To use morning and evening.