Efficacy study confirms the effectiveness of Overage Night Set, Day Set and Face Lifting

We are thrilled to share very important news with all of our customers. Mesotech Srl, leader in the production of professional cosmetics, has recently conducted an efficacy study in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples on our innovative products “Overage Night Set”, “Overage Day Set” and “Overage Face Lifting Set “. The results of this scientific study confirm the effectiveness and reliability of our skin care products.

A commitment to quality
At Mesotech Srl, we have always made the quality of our products an absolute priority. We believe that our customers deserve only the best and we are constantly engaged in the research and development of innovative formulas that guarantee visible and lasting results. The efficacy study conducted by the prestigious Federico II University of Naples is another step forward in demonstrating our dedication to scientific research and excellence.

Study methodology
The efficacy study was conducted by a team of expert and qualified researchers from the Federico II University of Naples. The “Overage Night Set”, “Overage Day Set” and “Overage Face Lifting Set” products underwent a rigorous testing protocol involving a group of volunteer participants. Participants used the products for a defined period of time, during which changes in skin texture, hydration, elasticity and overall appearance were monitored and assessed.

Extraordinary results
The results of the study were surprising and very positive. Participants reported a significant improvement in skin texture, with increased hydration and elasticity. Additionally, the “Overage Face Lifting Set” products have been shown to have a noticeable lifting effect, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and signs of skin aging. These results are testament to the effectiveness of our products in providing a complete solution for healthy, youthful and radiant skin.

Innovation and quality
The success of the efficacy study confirms that Mesotech Srl is constantly committed to offering its customers cutting-edge, high-quality products. The attention dedicated to research and innovation allows us to develop advanced and customized formulas that meet the specific needs of each skin type. We will continue to invest in scientific research to ensure that our customers have access to products that stand out for their proven efficacy and safety.

The recent efficacy study conducted by Federico II of Naples confirms what we already know: Mesotech Srl’s “Overage Night Set”, “Overage Day Set” and “Overage Face Lifting Set” products are an excellent choice for skincare. Scientific findings support our promise to deliver high-quality products that help achieve and maintain healthy, youthful, radiant skin. We will continue to work hard to meet your expectations and ensure that your beauty is showcased to the fullest. Choose Mesotech Srl for a leather that reflects your inner and outer beauty.

Read the reports: https://www.mesotech.it/efficacy-studies/

Published on: 04-07-2023 in News