Be wary of counterfeit product “Max White” manufactured by “Albatross BD” in Bangladesh

Counterfeiting is a global problem affecting many companies in different sectors, including the cosmetics industry. Today, we want to warn consumers against one counterfeit product in particular: “Max White” manufactured by “Albatross BD” in Bangladesh. In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why it’s important to be wary of this product and shed light on the negative effects it can have on your experience and safety.

The threat of counterfeiting
Counterfeiting is a serious problem that harms not only legitimate businesses, but consumers as well. Counterfeit products often have inferior quality and can be dangerous to the health and safety of users. Companies that are committed to creating authentic products invest time and resources in research, development and quality, but counterfeit products can mislead consumers, thus damaging the image and reputation of the legitimate company.

The case of “Max White” produced by “Albatross BD”
Recently, we became aware of a particularly worrying counterfeit: the product called “Max White” manufactured by “Albatross BD” in Bangladesh, which has “Product By Mesotech Srl” written on the packaging which is clearly fake.

In addition, there is also a QR code that refers to the official page on our website. “Max White” is a successful product developed and produced solely by Mesotech Srl. However, the counterfeit version produced by “Albatross BD” poses a threat to consumers seeking to purchase the genuine product.

The risks associated with counterfeit products
Buying counterfeit products can lead to a variety of risks and problems. Below, we list some of the concerns associated with the counterfeit product “Max White” manufactured by “Albatross BD”:

  • inferior quality: Counterfeit products often have lower quality than the originals. This means that you may experience problems such as poor performance, limited battery life or general malfunctions.
  • safety Issues: Counterfeit products may not undergo the same rigorous safety standards and compliance tests as the originals. This can put your safety at risk, for example due to ingredients harmful to health.
  • absence of after-sales support: Legitimate companies usually offer reliable after-sales support; it is unlikely that you will be able to get after-sales support or enjoy valid warranties.

How to protect yourself
To protect yourself from the purchase of counterfeit products such as “Max White” by “Albatross BD”, we advise you to follow these guidelines:

Buy only from reliable sources: Buy Mesotech Srl products only from authorized dealers or from the official company website. Avoid unverified e-commerce sites or sellers.

Watch out for suspicious prices: Excessively low prices can be an indicator of a counterfeit product. Remember that the price of an authentic product reflects its quality and production costs.

Check product details: Look out for any discrepancies in product brands, labels or features. Counterfeit products often have errors or differences from the original.

Be wary of the counterfeit product “Max White” manufactured by “Albatross BD” in Bangladesh. Buying counterfeit products puts your safety, experience at risk and supports an illegal business. Always choose authentic products from reliable sources to ensure the highest quality, safety and after-sales service. Mesotech Srl is committed to supplying high quality original products and we invite you to be wary of imitations.

Published on: 12-06-2023 in Counterfeiting