Hair System Ampoules

Meso-Cocktail To Restore Microcirculation Of The Scalp And Revitalize Hair Follicles

IndicationsAnti DHT action, Anti hair loss
ActivesCystein, Panthenol, Saw Palmetto, Taurine
ResultsReducing the hair loss process
1 box contain10 Ampoules of 5 ml

Hair system is a Meso-cocktail rich in active ingredients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, formulated to restore effective micro-circulation of the scalp and revitalize hair follicles.

It is a outstanding hair loss formula designed to fight thinning hairs and stimulate regrowth. Thanks to the vasodilator activity of its active ingredients, Hair System helps to increase blood flow and therefore to irrigate and oxygenate the scalp. Hair System also contains all the metabolites (vitamins, aminoacids, minerals) required for proper functioning of the nutritional and energetic metabolism.

Hair System, by ensuring a permanent bio-availability and a proper ratio of all the amino acids present in healthy hair, optimizes the production of keratin proteins.
Hair System has been shown to induce a substantial reduction or cessation of hair loss.

After 10 sessions, an increase in average hair diameter giving the impression of greater scalp hair fullness may be seen.


Hair System is particularly recommended: to treat non-androgenic alopecia.
To repair hair prematurely damaged by environmental aggressions (sun, pollution, etc), to stimulate hair growth and health.
To treat female hair loss.
To eliminate dandruff and Seborrhoea, to treat thin and/or devitalized hair.

– Biotin is a member of Vitamin B complex family also sometime known as Vitamin H or Vitamin B7. This is soluble in water, which means, if body has high level of Vitamin H at a certain day or time, it pass out through Urine.
Biotin do processing of glucose and we know glucose is one of the source of energy of our body to perform work and maintaining wear and tear of the body. Growth and replication of cells depends on Biotin. Thus on one hand Biotin helps in maintaining good hair health and on the other hand it is important for several bodily functions. Biotin, it is the vitamin, which makes the hair healthy, strong and good looking.

It is clinically proven, so maintaining a good level of Biotin in the body system is as essential as maintaining other vitamins and minerals.

– Saw palmetto is used mainly by men to relieve the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)–a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. Results from one human study and several unconfirmed reports from individuals taking saw palmetto to treat BPH seem to indicate that saw palmetto stimulates hair growth. It seem to indicate that saw palmetto has the same effects than Finasteride, but without side effects of the.