Active Panty

Massage, shape and redefine body lines

EfficacyClinically tested

Finally, a line of 100% Italian manufacturing garments with active textile fibers is available.

The technology is natural and is defined by the acronym F.I.R. (Far Infrared Ray).

Based on the various clinical studies carried out in “vivo” at the University of Pavia, the University of Genoa, the Monzino Cardiological Center Institute, the Polytechnic of Turin, it was possible to scientifically demonstrate the beneficial qualities exerted by the Nilit-Innergy fabric.

There was a significant increase in blood flow and therefore tissue oxygenation. An increase in the production of anti-oxidants and consequently a strengthening of the immune and metabolic systems.

The qualities that emerged allow the use of garments with Nilit-Innergy fibers in various fields:
– Sportsman, as the anaerobic threshold arrives more slowly (due to the low levels of lactate concentration in the blood), making it possible to continue physical activity for longer.
– Aesthetic, where the slimming and elasticising qualities have been appreciated, both in the presence of adiposity and cellulite as well as wrinkles and atony.

Mechanism of action
FIR technology does not emit rays, but reflects those that the human body emits, thanks to the bio-minerals contained in the fabric produced with Nilit-Innergy yarns.

Visible shaping effect
Reduction of fat mass
Reduction of the circumference of the buttocks and thighs.
Increased skin elasticity and firmness
Improved skin smoothness
Anti-odour properties
Proven UV protection
Efficacy unchanged over time

87% PA Nylon – 13% EA Elastane