Essence Sweet almonds Oil

Multi-purpose Sweet almonds oil for face, body and hair

IndicationsAnti-Aging, Dry skin, Irritated skin
ActivesSweet almonds Oil, Vit. A
ResultsRevitalizing, Skin elasticity, Skin refreshing
1 box contain1 Bottle of 10 ml

Explore the richness of sweet almond oil, obtained through the delicate cold pressing of fine almonds. This extraordinary elixir is particularly rich in essential fatty acids, among which oleic acid (60%) and linoleic acid (30%), unsaponifiables and vitamin A stand out. Thanks to its composition, this oil offers an excellent antioxidant action , counteracts skin aging and is a panacea for dry and red skin, including the delicate skin of children.

Sweet almond oil is much more than a simple moisturizer: it is a real source of regeneration. Its regenerating and restructuring properties work in synergy to revitalize the skin, offering a healthy and radiant appearance. Thanks to its nourishing and hydrating properties, it gives the skin a surplus of nourishment, maintaining an optimal balance for luminous and well-hydrated skin.

This elixir is a caress of well-being for your skin, an authentic ally in your beauty routine. With “Essence Pearl” Sweet Almond Oil, immerse yourself in an experience of luxury and care that envelops your skin in an embrace of hydration, nourishment and protection, revealing the intrinsic beauty of every single day.