Essence Argan Oil

Multi-purpose Argan oil for face, body and hair

IndicationsDry skin, Dry hair, Irritated skin
ActivesArgan Oil
ResultsSkin elasticity, Skin refreshing, Soothing
1 box contain1 Bottle of 10 ml

Welcome to the world of elegance and authentic beauty with our extraordinary Argan Oil, a natural treasure extracted from the stone of the Argan fruit, a precious plant native to Morocco. This elixir is a concentrate of well-being, rich in essential fatty acids, in particular Omega-6, flavonoids and natural tocopherols, which make it an authentic elixir for your beauty.

Argan Oil is much more than a simple oil, it is a complete care ritual. Its protective properties envelop your skin in a layer of defense against external agents, while its restructuring and regenerating characteristics work in synergy to give your skin a radiant and youthful appearance.

Not only for your skin, but also for your hair and nails, Argan Oil is a real treat. In scalp care, it restores the natural shine of dull hair, offering a touch of luxury and vitality. Its strengthening properties extend to brittle nails, helping to keep them strong and healthy.

Explore the magic of this golden elixir with our “Essence Diamond” Argan Oil. A fusion of tradition and innovation for a beauty that manifests itself in all its brightness. Rediscover your authentic beauty with the exclusive touch of Argan Oil