Defend Sun SPF 50+

Triple action skin care cream with sun protection 50+

IndicationsAnti-Aging, Soothing effect, Sun block
ActivesOat, SPF 50+, Syn-ake
ResultsThree actions sun block
1 box contain1 Bottle of 20 ml

DEFEND SUN allows you to transform the benefits of tanning into a natural pleasure for the skin. The contained formula protects the skin thanks to the advanced UVA / UVB photostable sun filters, counteracting and preventing dermatological alterations, such as sun allergies, spots, elastosis and premature aging.

DEFEND SUN has a triple action, thanks to the presence of moisturizing, protective and soothing active ingredients:

Aloe Vera: thanks to its well-known moisturizing and soothing action, it helps the skin in restoring physiological functions.

Liposoluble extracts of Chamomile, perform a decongestant, emollient, soothing and antimicrobial action. The high skin tolerability feature makes chamomile suitable for particularly sensitive and delicate skin, even for babies and subjects suffering from couperose

Rosa Mosqueta is a shrub that grows in South America. The stems and branches are thorny and the flower is pale pink to white. From the pressing, a delicate and precious oil is obtained with a very high content of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids with a protective, moisturizing and antioxidant action.

Instructions for use
Apply DEFEND SUN on dry skin half an hour before sun exposure. Reapply every two hours, and as frequently as needed.

External use. Apply before sun exposure in the right amount on the face. A small amount could significantly reduce the level of protection. Reapply often, especially after getting wet, sweating or using a towel. Do not expose small children to direct sunlight. Do not stay exposed to the sun long enough: excessive exposure is a serious health risk. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep sheltered