Celludren Panty

Slimming treatment, promotes the reactivation of skin microcirculation with draining and lipolytic action

1 box contain1 Soaked Leggins + 4 Biopeel Sachets + 2 Beautene Panty + 1 Refill

Slimming treatment, designed to promote the reactivation of skin microcirculation with a draining and lipolytic action.
Celludren Panty was designed and packaged using the knowledge gained in over 30 years in the dermatological field. The procedure faithfully follows the professional method, articulated in 3 phases:
Corneolysis,Active osmosis and Thermo drainage.

The Celludren Refill reducing serum, present in a capillary way in the textile fibers of the Panty, contains innovative and latest generation active ingredients, whose action is strengthened in synergy with the thermal and occlusive reaction of the Panty.
Celludren Panty adapts to all body types up to the ankle to favor the draining action. The execution of the treatment is simple and comfortable.

The presence of the chemical scrub in wipes (Bio Peel) is of fundamental importance for its corneolitic action which allows maximum absorption of the active ingredients contained in Celludren Panty.
The polyethylene trousers amplify the thermal and osmotic effect of Celludren Panty, improving the delivery of the active.

Main assets
Liporedux Pro For: (induces a significant reduction in the circumference of the thigh, up to 2.50 cm*)

Cla-Carnitine: is a patented molecule of natural derivation, it transports fatty acids allowing their use instead of storage (lipogenesis).

Forscolin: is the extract of the root of Coleus forskohlii, it exerts a very powerful lipolytic action, it intervenes in the metabolism of fats, favoring the splitting of stored fats (lipolysis) inside the adipocytes.

Iodotrat: (TEA-Hydroiodide) Iodinated organic compound, free of free iodine. It favors the stimulation of mast cells (typical connective tissue cells) capable of releasing vasoactive substances that improve skin trophism and reduce fat deposits.

Escin Phospholipid: complex of triterpene saponins (escin) derived from Aesculus Hippocastanum.
with soothing, anti-oedema and venotonic properties. Promotes venous circulation, improves capillary tone, reduces capillary permeability. It has a draining action that helps reduce cellulite and helps improve skin firmness and tone.

Caffeine produces a lipolytic, reducing and toning action, and the Horse Chestnut and Centella extracts act against water retention, swelling of the legs and cellulite thanks to their vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory and draining properties.

Instructions for Use
Put on the soaked Celludren Panty and put the trousers in polyethylene. Leave on for 30 to 60 minutes and then remove Celludren Panty. Absorb the residual serum by massaging it into the skin. After use, wash Celludren Panty with mild laundry soap and store it carefully. To carry out a new treatment, insert the washed, dried and folded Celludren Panty into the Celludren Refill bag. Let it soak thoroughly before wearing it again.

Usage protocol
Shock phase – First Month: Wear Celludren Panty 2 times a week. Second month: continue with 1 application per week. Third month: 1 treatment every 10 days.

Empirical evidence suggests repeating the cycle 3 times a year, observing an interval of one month at the end of each of them. In the presence of grade 3 and 4 PEFS (cellulite), it is recommended to use Celludren Strong Action daily in the affected areas and a shaping leggins with F.I.R. (Active Panty) on rest days. It is recommended to respect a healthy lifestyle with a balanced calorie intake.

Washable and reusable with its refill up to 10 times
For legs, buttocks, stomach and hips. Osmotic action that stimulates the elimination of toxins and excess liquids!

Box contains: