Protocol Striae

Useful pack for 10 treatments

IndicationsStretch mark, Striae

Our “Striae” Protocol is designed to address stretch marks, commonly called striae, which can affect patients of all ages and genders. These linear skin lesions represent a degeneration of elastic fibers and collagen.

The striae are divided into rubrae, which appear red or purple, flat or slightly convex, representing the first phase of the pathogenesis, and striae albae, which are instead characterized by a white colour, sometimes pearly, a sign of a chronic situation.

Our “Striae” Protocol kit provides all the products needed for 10 treatments, allowing cosmetic centers to offer their customers a complete and effective solution to manage this common dermatological problem.

Package contents

  • 1 Stretch Peel of 100 ml
  • 1 box of Global Meso Lift
  •  1 Reoil of 30 ml