Global Peel Melanin

Anti-photoaging and hyperpigmentation properties

Pyruvic acid 20% + Resorcinol 10% + Phytic acid 6%

Pyruvic Acid is effective in the reduction of melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, plays an important depigmenting and inhibitory action against keratinocytes. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and seboregolartic properties. Resorcinol is a phenolic derivative with keratolytic and regenerating properties, it fights melanic hyperpigmentations and has a whitening effect. Phytic Acid powerful chelator of copper that encourages tyrosinase enzyme inhibition and has a depigmenting effect.

Global Peel Melanin


pH 1.0


  • superficial and epidermal pigmented lesions
  • solar lentigos
  • ephelides
  • dull skins or skins with uneven tone
  • it is suitable for areas of the body with hyperpigmentation

Each pack contains a neutralizing post-peel solution.