Forskolin is an extract of the ‘Ayurvedic herb Coleus forskohlii. It re-sensitizes the cell receptors by activating the enzyme adenylate cyclase and increasing the amount of AMP (adenosine monophosphate) cyclic in cells. Cyclic AMP is a carrier of essential signals because the cells respond correctly to hormonal stimulation. Cyclic AMP is necessary for intracellular transmission in the hypothalamic / pituitary axe and for the feedback control of hormone production. Restore the sensitivity of the hypothalamus and peripheral receptors allows agile hormones and bioenergetic factors to work with increased efficiency. It is not enough to restore the correct hormone levels in the body, it is also necessary that the hormone receptors are sensitized and react effectively to stimuli.

Forskolin also allows to lower the intraocular blood pressure: several studies have shown its efficacy in the treatment of glaucoma. Other beneficial effects have also been sottolieati in the treatment of hypertension, asthma, eczema, psoriasis and angina angina pectoris.

Forskolin stimulates digestive enzymes and improves the absorption of nutrients in the gut frail.
Recent studies also show a stimulation of thyroid function, an increase in the basal metabolic rate, a significant increase in lipolysis (which is not surprising because it is regulated by cyclic AMP) and the same decrease in the synthesis of fatty tissue. For that forskolin has become one of the “fat burners” most widely used after ephedra has been removed from the market.

Forskolin is a vasodilator. The blood flow is an important aspect and often neglected in fat loss, as the blood flow to adipose tissues, particularly areas of stubborn fat, it is vital for the transport of fatty acids in the areas where they can be burned.

Polyphenols, sinefrine and caffeine to promote and thermogenesis lipolysis

It has long been known synergy between caffeine and epigallocatechin of Green Tea, their joint activity
promotes and implements lipolysis and thermogenesis, favoring the loss of fat in excess.

Synephrine (also called p-synephrine or phenylephrine, from which it differs chemically due to the position of an alcohol group.) Is a plant extract present in the fruits of Citrus Aurantium, a substance similar to ephedrine.
Synephrine performs an action on the body fats by activating lipolysis (the breakdown and consumption of fats) and promoting thermogenesis (an increase of calories burned by the body). This mixture has great anorectic properties, and it can reduce appetite.

The green coffee is characterized by a high content of chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant that can reduce the absorption of sugars from the intestine and at the same time to speed up the metabolism by accelerating the process by which our body burns stored fat.

Rich in antioxidants, it even seems that it contains an amount 4 times greater than the best known and most popular green tea.
Hieracium pilosella is effective in water retention due to its diuretic effect which translates into a direct stimulation of the kidneys to remove waste products of metabolism ( sodium, chlorine, uric acid and nitrogenous waste ) Thanks to this action, draining the pilosella is useful in the treatment of unsightly fat deposits and liquid and promotes the elimination of toxins, aids kidney function, the mobilization of excess fluids and elimination of salts trapped in the tissues.

Furthermore, the diuretic action, through the increase in urinary flow, promotes the control of other diseases such as mild hypertension, in which a reduction of body fluids results in a reduction of the blood volume, and then the vascular pressure, but also the renal calculi The diuretic activity of the extract of pilosella has been tested in preclinical studies, which demonstrated its effectiveness through an increase in both the quantity of urine is the amount of sodium they contain.

At pilosella also recognized the ability to promote the excretion of bile and runoff ( has choleretic and cholagogue action ), which helps detoxify the liver and helps to purify the blood by the excesses of a diet rich in fats animals.
Green Tea improves metabolism, reduce blood fat and cholesterol, reduce bloatedness, detox the body and suppress your appetite.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years of age. The maximum intake of octopamine, as index of the natural presence of other amines, is less than 1/8 of that of synephrine.
In the presence of cardiovascular disease and / or hypertension, before taking this product, consult your doctor. We do not recommend the use of this product during pregnancy, lactation and below the age of 12.

Contains two bottle of 60 tablets each one.

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