Virtual is a syringue-like device that combines the action of:

  • Radioporation (radiofrequency)
  • Electroporation (moduladed electric pulses)
  • Soft Surgery (plasma energy)
  • for active ingredients transdermal delivery and skin rejuvenation

The main function of “barrier” of the skin resides almost entirely in the epidermis. Substances can cross the epidermis in intercellular and intracellular way, through the pilosebaceous apparatus and the eccrine glands. Virtual is able to modify the permeability of the skin’s barrier and allows to increase the therapeutic efficacy of skin formulations.

Virtual: The advantages of transdermal delivery

Clinically proven to work transdermal delivery and tissue activation for the vehiculation, the absorption of active elements through the skin.

Increases efficiency in the delivery of active ingredients.

Synergic action of electroporation, low-frequency ultrasound and radiofrequency to expand the transdermal spectrum to include the delivery of water-soluble molecules, peptides, proteins, and other macromolecules.

Non invasive skin rejuvenation with transdermal delivery of PRP and fractional radiofrequency.

Treats large areas in the same session, while maintaining the quality of the transfer during the duration of therapy.

Minor amounts of active ingredient required.

Increases local concentration of active ingredients.

Increases speed of action and result.

Prolongs the efficacy of the active ingredients.

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