Soft progressive multi-actions

Lactic acid 32% - Glycolic acid 15% - Citric acid 6% Malic acid 1% - Tartaric acid 1%

BioPeel is a concentrate of 5 vegetal extracts:
bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon.

BioPeel is an excellent product for a natural and effective exfoliation.
Perfect for a deep corneolysis action before any treatment.

Natural source of HA from vegetal extracts.
Promotes cells’s renewal
Maximum efficiency wit minimum irritation Promotes skin radiance



pH 4.0


  • high corneolysis action
  • to be applied before any dermatological treatment:
    phototherapy, laser, needling, RF, any other cosmetic method

Best before

  • mesotherapy
  • mask (Botophase, Biobalance)
  • bleaching treatments

Each pack contains a neutralizing post-peel solution.