Working safely

Saniko synergy
Saniko was created for air purification and for the control of odours and infections in enclosed spaces, destroying bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi and to ensure that the air and all exposed surfaces are sanitised. It uses the recognized benefits of ozone which, due to its high reactivity, is an ecological disinfectant suitable for countless uses: sanitization of medical centers, surgical surgeries, wellness centers, beauty centers, motor vehicles, restaurants and hotels, home environments, gyms, health centers and nursing homes.

Working safely
In compliance with the Security Protocol for Companies – Covid/19, the company is required to ensure the daily cleaning and periodic sanitization of professional environments (workstations and common areas). The sanitization of work environments enjoys tax credit (DL n.18 17/03/2020).

1) Absence of waiting times:
you can return to the sanitized enviroment without having to wait 30 minutes (ozone dissolution time at the end of the cycle).

2) Easy to use:
to type the square meters and the height of the room.
Saniko, will automatically calculate (through an algorithm) flows and sanitization times.

3) At the end of the sanitization (by Ozone) it will introduce enriched oxygen into the curculation ensuring a pleasant and satisfying feeling of well-being.