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The main properties are:
– Elasticity of compression and containment; the compression is carried out in all four directions to ensure containment in any position assumed by the patient.
– Resistance: the Overplast sheaths never lose their shape initial also after several washes; they are researched and designed to be h24, 7 days on 7, then necessarily subject to continuous and frequent washings.
– High breathability and absolute non-allergenic; it does not alter the natural body moisture to evaporation processes: promotes maintaining the feeling of fresh and dry skin and minimizes the risk of irritation leading an itch and redness skin (issue encountered frequently in sheaths with traditional fabric). The hems at both ends of the sleeves, ensure the patient to enter but not contact chat with the outer fabric, ensuring the high comfort and avoiding itching.
Overplast sheaths presents micro ber and other fabrics innovative grado to ensure maximum breathability, hypoallergenic and while high comfort for the patient. The micro ber and a fabric composed of 58% from stretch nylon (family of polyamides synthetic) and 42% lycra (elastomeric ber with unique properties of elongation and recovery of the original shape).
The Overplast sheath are invisible under clothes and provides a proper post-operative recovery.