Self-neutralizing TCA - Progressive action, anti-aging, scars, stretch marks

TCA 33% + Kojic acid5 % + DMAE 2%

PR-Factor is a medical device based on TCA (trichloroacetic acid), Kojic Acid and , capable of stimulating and reshaping the deep dermis without causing irritation on the skin surface. PR–Factor utilizes the restructuring action of trichloroacetic acid to trigger a regenerative process in fibroblasts and collagen. PR-Factor is a valide alternative to injective biorevitalization, a procedure that causes, after treatment, the typical effects of an invasive aesthetics procedure. The formulation of PR-Factor exploits the dermal stimulation properties of TCA which is used at 33% in combination with Kojic acid and DMAE. TCA is a small molecule and sufficiently lyophilized to quickly penetrate the stratum corneum and epidermis and dermis later, favoring the activity of fibroblasts by stimulating cell renewal and formation of new collagen fibers.

It is a peeling agent well known in medicine that induces a stress-related response (SSRS, Skin Stress Response System) activating the regeneration processes of the skin and growth factors such as PDGF-B, TGF-beta1, TGF-alpha, VEGF.

Kojic Acid penetrates deeply inhibiting the enzymes that form melanin, determines a lightening effect preventing post-inflammatory pigmentations.

DMAE is an anti-aging substance that acts on muscle fibers, causing a muscle toning, has an antioxidant action, protects the cell against free radical attacks, thus increasing cellular turgidity, contributing to the strong attenuation of cutaneous depressions.

PR-Factor is a safe product, does’t cause “white frosting” (formation of white coating linked to coagulation of the proteins of the dermal connective tissue) even though it contains TCA at high percentage. It can be used to remove stretch marks, scars caused by chickenpox and acne and melasma. The result is immediately appreciated by the patient, because the skin immediately appears more turgid and smooth.


5 vials x 5ml

pH 2.5


  • prevention and treatment of photo and chrono-aging
  • treatment of melasma and skin spots
  • stretch marks
  • loss of skin tone from the face
  • neck and décolleté
  • coadjuvant in the treatment of active acne

Each pack contains a neutralizing post-peel solution.
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